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So these are my blogs about what I've been up to as a writer and author and where you can find information of the latest goings on for Fishcake Publications. But now there's also my new venture, Fishcake Books as well.

Things move quickly in the world of publishing and things are getting busier for me all the time. Titles are being added all the time and this year after signing one new author to Fishcakes, I'm looking forward to signing a few more.

My personal philosophy is 'If someone has taken the time to write a book, the it deserves the opportunity to be read'.

There are now links to the Fishcake Publications and Fishcake Books Websites so you can find out even more.

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Monday, 23 April 2012

My brain has started to work again! Hooray!
I've finally put pen to paper (again) and have now started a teen based apocolyptic thriller.
OOoooh, I hear you say, what's that?
Aha, I can't give everything away but I can guarantee it won't be light hearted. (I'm saving that for SHEEP!)
Let's just say that the end of the world comes after the bombs have dropped and children and animals didn't expect what would happen - I think that's enough spoiling for now.

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