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So these are my blogs about what I've been up to as a writer and author and where you can find information of the latest goings on for Fishcake Publications. But now there's also my new venture, Fishcake Books as well.

Things move quickly in the world of publishing and things are getting busier for me all the time. Titles are being added all the time and this year after signing one new author to Fishcakes, I'm looking forward to signing a few more.

My personal philosophy is 'If someone has taken the time to write a book, the it deserves the opportunity to be read'.

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Saturday, 2 November 2013

My new novel that will be released under my pseudonym Damon Rathe called "Human Rights: Undead Ste of Living" is close to being finished. I really excited about this as it was a book that I never expected to write and it literally came out of nowhere just like Cows!
I'm hoping to release it sometime in the new year, 2014, but I'm trying to publicise it now so it will hopefully build up some interest.
Imagine a newly turned zombie that has been out decimating the human race under orders of the structured zombie society, suddenly develops an awareness of what is happening and develops a sympathy with the human race and ultimately tries to save them. However, this is not as easy as it sounds when the humans drop nuclear bombs creating an even worse enemy - the Super Mutants. He also has to come to terms with his new status among the zombie ranks, the limitations of his decaying body and his new addiction to human brains to overcome. But perhaps, something that has happened in his human past, will give him the key to become the saviour of human kind.
Does that sound good? Let me know!

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