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So these are my blogs about what I've been up to as a writer and author and where you can find information of the latest goings on for Fishcake Publications. But now there's also my new venture, Fishcake Books as well.

Things move quickly in the world of publishing and things are getting busier for me all the time. Titles are being added all the time and this year after signing one new author to Fishcakes, I'm looking forward to signing a few more.

My personal philosophy is 'If someone has taken the time to write a book, the it deserves the opportunity to be read'.

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Friday, 22 March 2013

UnDead Set of Living

It's amazing sometimes where your writing can take you.
What started as a funny first person zombie story has now turned into something darker and more political - how did that happen?
After being inducted into zombie society, our protagonist is now on a mission to save 'human rights' after the introduction of the super-mutant zombies (created after a human nuclear strike) who are intent on wiping out every human on the planet. Would you believe from the hum-drum bureaucracy of simple everyday zombie life our hero is out to actually save mankind from extinction. This is after realising, from resurfacing memories, that he actually tried to stop the outbreak in the first place!
I'm loving writing it!

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