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So these are my blogs about what I've been up to as a writer and author and where you can find information of the latest goings on for Fishcake Publications. But now there's also my new venture, Fishcake Books as well.

Things move quickly in the world of publishing and things are getting busier for me all the time. Titles are being added all the time and this year after signing one new author to Fishcakes, I'm looking forward to signing a few more.

My personal philosophy is 'If someone has taken the time to write a book, the it deserves the opportunity to be read'.

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

NAWG Wentworth Castle Writing Retreat

I just thought I’d let everyone know how good the Wentworth Castle Writing Retreat was this year as it was an entertaining, informative, fun, writing weekend.
We were lucky enough again to be blessed by the lovely, sunny weather as well as some excellent workshops run by Julie Bokowiec and Leonora Rustimova.
But best of all for me was meeting a bunch of new, enthusiastic creative writers who all got into the spirit of the event both literally and socially. It is a great way to network and share thoughts and ideas with like minded people and generally make new friends from other writers groups and see what they are up to. I had a great time.
A big thank-you to Chris Huck for organising the event, as usual he did us proud (except when he had us racking our brains for his literary quiz! Very painful, I have a lot to learn and read.)
And thank-you to everyone who sat and listened to my little presentation / book launch about Fishcake Publications. You were very patient and enthusiastic about the work I’d done and I hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed getting your feedback.
I even managed to get some writing work done of my own (beware zombie novel coming soon!) This is a gift in these very busy times that we live in! But the surroundings and atmosphere certainly help.

If the event runs again, I’ll definitely be trying my hardest to get there.

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